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Why Ethics Matter and How to Apply Them in Practice
Ethics provide a method for architects to deal with the dilemmas they often encounter in practice...
Level: Introductory Format: Multimedia Duration: 1h
Practice Management: Strategies for Enhancing Public Welfare and Service Delivery
This course focuses on practice management from the perspective of supporting both public welfare and client interests through enhanced service delivery...
Level: Introductory Format: Text-based Duration: 2h
The Architect’s Seal: An Ethical and Legal Obligation
Some of the most common disciplinary actions against architects consist of those related to the use of the architect’s seal...
Level: Introductory Format: Multimedia Duration: 1h
Client Pressure and the Duty of the Architect
This course is intended to prepare the architect to recognize and respond appropriately to ethical dilemmas encountered at work, especially when engaging with forceful clients or clients with differing values...
Level: Introductory Format: Multimedia Duration: 1h
Entrepreneurial Spirit: Pursuing Work in New Places
Transitioning from employee to sole proprietor of an architecture firm is the dream of many architects, but it comes with a need to understand licensing laws more fully and have a good grasp of acceptable rules of conduct for the profession...
Level: Introductory Format: Multimedia Duration: 30m