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Getting to Yes: Making Effective Use of the Alternate Means Process
The building code is a tool used by designers and authorities with the objective of protecting the public and emergency personnel...
Level: Introductory Format: Text-based Duration: 1h 15m
Predesign Planning Part 6: Diagnostic Observation
One of a series of ten courses about the reasons to conduct and methods to accomplish effective predesign planning in architecture, this is the third of five courses focusing on methods used in predesign planning...
Level: Introductory Format: Text-based Duration: 1h 15m
Seismic Mitigation Part 3: Design for Better Seismic Response
The forensic investigation of buildings and infrastructure has been extensively conducted by engineers, architects, and scientists after every recent major earthquake that has impacted the built environment...
Level: Intermediate Format: Text-based Duration: 1h 30m
Historic Preservation Part 1: What Is Historic Preservation?
The primary purpose of “What Is Historic Preservation?” is to discuss the history of the historic preservation movement in the United States and present an overview of the processes and programs that have been developed over the years to integrate historic and existing buildings into the architectural field...
Level: Introductory Format: Text-based Duration: 3h